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Denmark to Conclude Local F-16 Training for Ukrainian Pilots

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Denmark has chosen to stop training Ukrainian F-16 fighter jet pilots on Danish soil after 2024.

The decision was announced by Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen at a joint press conference with his Norwegian counterpart, Bjørn Arild Gram, explaining that Denmark’s fighter jet fleet will soon transition to F-35s.

The new combat aircraft will be deployed at the Skrydstrup Air Base in Vojens, southern Denmark, where Ukrainian pilots are currently being trained.

Poulsen clarified that all 20 trainees will complete their program before year end.

Denmark will continue to contribute to Ukraine’s air training, albeit outside of the country.

Alongside Norway, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Denmark has pledged to donate a total of 85 F-16 jets to Kyiv to aid in its ongoing war.

Urgent Training Needed

Ukraine has expressed the need for F-16 training, pressing the US and other international partners to make room for them, as they do not have enough fully-certified pilots to crew a full squadron.

The US F-16 school in Tucson, Arizona can only accommodate 12 additional trainees, with other countries queuing up for the same curriculum.

Other countries supporting Ukraine’s fighter program include Romania, which has taken eight Ukrainian pilots in preparation for the start of its program.

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