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Domestic engines will fly Turkiye’s missiles

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While the variety and delivery numbers of Turkiye’s domestic engines that will carry cruise missiles to their targets have increased, demand has come from about 10 countries.

While the variety and delivery numbers of Turkey’s domestic engines that will carry cruise missiles to their targets have increased, demand has come from about 10 countries.

Turkey’s domestic turbojet engines KTJ-3200 and KTJ-1750 were exhibited for the first time at the SAHA EXPO Defense, Aviation and Space Industry Fair.

Kale Group Vice President and Technical Group Head Osman Okyay, in his statement on engine projects, said that as a group, they have been working on developing and producing turbojet engines for 10 years.

Explaining that during this period, they first established all the infrastructure necessary for the development of such an engine, Okyay stated that they acted with the leadership and vision of the Presidency of Defense Industries.

Emphasizing that engines, especially jet engines, are one of the most important components in the defense industry, Okyay stated that they have developed a test setup that can provide flight conditions on the ground in order to carry out these studies.

Çakır missile will meet with domestic engine

Osman Okyay said that they are not limited to the KTJ-3200 in their engine development projects, they have developed 3 different engines that the country needs.

Stating that one of them will serve as the engine of the Çakır missile, Okyay stated that while they developed the first engine in 10 years, they developed the Çakır engine in a very short time, such as 1.5 years.

Okyay emphasized that the development, which was very costly and took a very long time at the beginning, enables the subsequent projects to be done much faster as the capability gains. Okyay said, “It happened to us too. With the knowledge and infrastructure gained in the first project, we developed the second engine much faster. We developed an engine of 1750 newtons.

This will be the engine of our Çakır missile. We are delivering the first one at the end of this month. Therefore, flight tests will begin, the next It is planned at the beginning of the year, like January.” he said.

3700 newton engine for Kara Atmaca

Noting that they have developed a third engine with a higher thrust of 3700 newtons for the land version of the Atmaca missile, “Kara Atmaca”, Okyay said, “The design is finished, the prototype is being produced. We will be giving away the first engine at this time next year.” said.

Osman Okyay also stated that they are carrying out another engine development project called Arat. But we aim to complete it in a shorter time. The first 2 stages of the project have been passed. I hope that we will complete it quickly.” used the phrases.

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