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DroneShield, Epirus combine Counter-Drone system for defense customers

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DroneShield and tech company Epirus have partnered to provide military and government customers with a fully-integrated counter-drone system.

Under the collaboration, DroneShield’s multi-sensor DroneSentry has been combined with Epirus’ Leonidas high-power microwave counter-electronics/counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) effector.

DroneSentry and Leonidas

DroneSentry uses radar, electro-optic detection, radiofrequency, and a tracking system to defend against aerial drone threats. It is powered by DroneShield’s command and control system and a “smart” jamming UAS defeat module for effective deployment.

Leonidas is an electronic warfare system that can intercept a single target in crowded environments and limited spaces or address multiple threats simultaneously in a wide area.

Leonidas’ capability provides users with a compact counter-electronics solution, enhanced effects, and better safety and control during C-UAS operations.

The platform can be mounted to a gimbal for increased maneuverability and utilized in mobile or fixed configurations according to mission requirements.

“The combined system provides significantly expanded options for our US DoD, and in time, global customer base. Additionally, there are synergies on the business development front, which DroneShield and Epirus are already working on,” DroneShield CEO Oleg Vornik stated.

“Epirus and DroneShield share common ethos of rapid pace, high tech innovation, to provide the warfighter with advanced technologies to protect against the rapidly rising threat of drones and other electronic threats. We are pleased to continue deepening the engagement over time,” Epirus CEO Ken Bedingfield added.

Latest DroneShield and Epirus Projects

DroneShield recently signed contracts to deliver standalone C-UAS solutions for international government agencies, including a $1-million order in October, two 11-million Australian dollar ($7.6 million) orders last December and January 2023, and a $2.2 million order in April.

The company released its DroneGun Mk4 pistol-shaped unmanned aerial system jammer this year.

Before teaming with DroneShield, Epirus received a $66-million contract to provide Leonidas systems to the US.

It followed the integration of the Leonidas air defense system with General Dynamics’ Stryker armored fighting vehicles last October.


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