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Envoy at UN: Türkiye resolute in eliminating PKK/YPG threat, safeguarding citizens

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PKK/YPG terrorism threatens Syria’s stability and territorial integrity, as well as Türkiye’s national security, says Sedat Onal

Türkiye remains resolute to eradicate the threat posed by PKK/YPG and protect its citizens and borders, said the nation’s UN envoy on Thursday.

Speaking at a UN Security Council meeting, Sedat Onal said the PKK/YPG terrorism not only threatens the stability and territorial integrity of Syria, but also Türkiye’s existential national security interests.

“Türkiye is determined to do whatever is necessary to eliminate this threat and to safeguard its citizens and borders in full compliance with international law and international humanitarian law,” said Onal at the meeting on Syria.

He said in 2023 the terrorist group perpetrated 67 attacks from Tel Rifat and Manbij on targets inside Türkiye as well as the opposition-controlled areas in Syria.

In his remarks, Onal highlighted the importance of combating separatist agendas and all forms and manifestations of terrorism, recalling that the Astana talks on Syria last week underlined the need to preserve Syria’s territorial integrity and national unity.

He pointed out that the Constitutional Committee should meet again as soon as possible in order to overcome the current political stalemate in Syria.

– Aid mechanism to Syria

Pointing out that the humanitarian situation in Syria has deteriorated, the Turkish envoy said that the impacts of the Kahramanmaras-centered earthquake on Feb. 6 continued.

“The UN and its humanitarian partners need predictability with a longer-term perspective to be able to sustain their crucial operations,” he said, welcoming the aid efforts by the UN and its partners.

“Under the current conditions, especially in northwest Syria, which suffered the most damage from the earthquakes, the UN cross-border mechanism remains the only viable lifeline for millions of Syrians in need. Thus, the Security Council’s extension of the mandate of the cross-border mechanism for 12 months will be critically important,” Onal said.

Onal called on the members of the Council to remain guided solely by humanitarian considerations and to act accordingly, noting that expanding the field of activity by including new border gates in the mechanism will also contribute to predictability, which he said is needed to make better use of these crossings.

Abone Ol 

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