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Estonia confirms additional military aid to Kyiv

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The Estonian government has announced additional military aid for Ukraine to support Kyiv against Russia’s ongoing invasion.

Costing 20 million euros ($22 million), the package includes artillery ammunition and other capabilities deemed “critical” to counter Moscow’s attacks, such as gas masks, explosives, recoilless anti-tank guns, sniper rifles, and smaller caliber ammunition.

The artillery shell donation comprises 155-millimeter caliber rounds and will be delivered to the as part of Tallinn’s contribution to the EU’s 1-million round replenishment effort for Ukraine, the Estonian defense ministry wrote.

Denmark will partially finance the rounds under the latest tranche, the government added.

“We put this package together focusing on providing the maximum benefit to Ukraine while making sure to not diminish Estonian defence readiness,” Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur stated.

“The overview that Defence Minister Umerov gave us about the situation on the battlefield confirmed that this package is very much needed.”

“However, it also showed clearly what moving towards summer, Ukraina needs first and foremost: ammunition, all elements of air defence, and also spare parts and electronic warfare equipment.”

Latest Projects for Ukraine

Tallinn officially joined the British-led multinational cooperation in January to upskill the Ukrainian armed forces amidst Russia’s aggression.

The following month, Estonia delivered a separate 80-million euro ($86.5 million) aid package to Ukraine as part of Estonia’s long-term commitment to the country.

In 2023, the Baltic state pledged sniper rifles and special forces equipment. Tallinn also announced the donation of its 155-millimeter howitzers in addition to shells and Carl-Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers the same year.

In December 2022, the Estonian government opened a military cyber facility in Ukraine as part of the EU’s initiative to counter Russian hackers targeting Kyiv.


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