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Estonia to send additional military aid to Ukraine

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Estonia is planning to send additional military aid to Ukraine including artillery, ammunition, personal protective equipment, and winter uniforms, Estonian Minister of Defence Hanno Pevkur announced.

The next package is expected to address Ukrainian forces’ current urgent needs.

“Through mobilization, nuclear threats, sham referendums on Ukrainian territories, and illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories, Russia is escalating the war,” the Estonian minister explained.

“The Estonian response can be only one – continuing aid to Ukraine with the objective of helping Ukraine win the war.”

Increasing Estonian Security

Estonia has set aside its anti-tank weaponry due for replacement in the package for Ukraine. The replacement is expected to be delivered in December.

The protective gear will come from Estonian Defence League stocks that will be replaced in three to five months with more modern variants.

Alongside the package, Estonia plans to integrate a training program for reservists and medical personnel in Ukraine in addition to the artillery training it has previously provided.

“Ukraine winning the war will also increase Estonian security,” Pevkur said.

“The decisions to support Ukraine today reduce the Russian strength to behave irradically in our region.”

“That is why we are first and foremost looking at equipment that in the near term future is planned for replacement or which can be replaced easily.”

Following the recent donation to Ukraine, Estonia will be granted 135 million euros ($131 million) in reimbursement from the European Peace Facility, which is nearly a third of the assistance package for all EU countries.

Estonia’s Previous Aids to Ukraine

Earlier this year, Estonia delivered a separate military aid to Ukraine that involved anti-tank weaponry and mortars.

Estonia also donated two field hospitals and medical equipment for Ukrainian troops in partnership with Germany.

To date, Estonia has provided more than 255 million euros ($248 million) to Ukraine in the form of weapon systems, ammunition, vehicles, communication devices, medical supplies, protective equipment, and military food rations.

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