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Estonian president visits Turkish defense firm Nurol Makina

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During his visit to Türkiye and following meeting with Preisdent Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Estonian President Alar Karis stopped by Nurol Makina, one of the leading armored land vehicle manufacturers in the Turkish defense industry.

Karis said Estonia prefers Nurol Makina to meet the needs of its defense forces, owing to its world-class quality products, sustainability and fast delivery times.

Emphasizing that a fast delivery time is particularly important, Karis said the geopolitical and security situation in Estonia’s region has become more tense than it has been for decades.

Noting that security challenges are expected to increase soon, he said: “Of course, your product is battle-tested.”

Karis further noted that “Türkiye has extensive experience in modern combat,” stressing that it is directly reflected in the development of armored vehicles and military equipment.

“The war in Ukraine has shown the need to increase the allied defense industrial capacity, and Türkiye, with its innovative and capable defense industry, is certainly a frontrunner and role model here,” he added.

Underlining that Türkiye is an important NATO ally, he said: “Estonia and Türkiye are on the frontlines of NATO. We both know what it means to directly face the main threats to the Alliance.

“Therefore, I am sure that your vehicles will serve the Estonian Defense Forces well, both when we are defending our own country but also when we are defending the alliance in general.”

Nurol Makina General Manager Engin Aykol said the company was very proud of the visit.

Noting that Nurol Makina is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of 4X4 armed vehicles, Aykol highlighted that it focuses all of its efforts and attention on perfecting the vehicles.

Stressing that it meets the needs of different geographies, notably NATO countries, with vehicles with high mobility and protection levels, he said Nurol Makina serves in more than 20 countries with over 1,700 vehicles with superior performance and cost-effectiveness.

Aykol noted that Nurol Makina is happy to support security forces in Estonia with competitive vehicles, which are preferred without hesitation in the international arena.

Nurol Makina signed a contract on Oct. 18, 2023, with the Estonian Center for Defense Investments in the Estonian capital of Tallinn to supply the country with Yörük 4X4 wheeled armored vehicles.

Estonia became the sixth country and the third NATO member to prefer the Yörük 4X4.

Nurol Makina is expected to carry out deliveries to Estonia within a year.

Yörük 4X4 armored vehicles will be tailored to the specific needs of the Estonian Army. The vehicles will be equipped with various mission equipment in the Estonian Army inventory.

The Yörük 4X4 Extended Wheelbase (NMS 4X4 EWB) configuration will be exported to Estonia for the first time under the contract.

The configuration is designed to provide enhanced space and versatility for a variety of operational requirements.

The vehicle has a longer wheelbase, allowing for a larger interior compartment and increased payload capacity. The expanded space allows for the placement of additional equipment, personnel or specialized modules tailored to specific tasks. The interior can be customized to suit different operational needs.

The vehicle retains the armored protection and advanced features of the base platform, ensuring the safety and security of the occupants.

Thanks to the width provided by the extended wheelbase, the Yörük 4X4, which previously could carry up to seven people, can now carry up to 11.

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