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Europe, U.S. upping production of air defense systems

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The European Union member states and the United States of America are increasing the production of air defense systems and surface-to-air missiles to them.

Yuriy Ihnat, the spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, spoke of this on the air of the national telethon, Ukrinform reports.

“European nations are boosting the production of air defense systems. Serious production has already been launched in Germany, France, and the USA. They are increasing the production of both the systems and missiles to them,” the spokesperson said, adding that they are being manufactured for own needs and “hopefully, for Ukraine, too.”

According to the official, Ukraine needs to systematically replace Soviet-era weapons systems with modern ones.

Answering a question about renting air defense systems to protect the Ukrainian airspace through winter, Ihnat said that this is not common practice due to their shortage worldwide.

“There were cases where Ukraine would take a system to protect a certain facility, so that the personnel learned to operate it. This system is then returned, and this is not anything traditional. No one will would give us air defense systems for rent. There’s not enough of them, and each country protects its airspace and national interests,” he said.

As reported, overnight Sunday, Russian invaders attacked the southern part of Ukraine, simultaneously launching ballistic (presumably an Iskander-M) and two Kh-59 guided cruise missiles. One of the three missiles was downed over Mykolaiv region.

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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