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First Batch of US Bradley Fighting Vehicles on the Way to Ukraine

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The US has shipped the first batch of Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine as part of the $2.85 billion military aid package announced earlier this year.

More than 60 Bradleys left South Carolina last week to provide Kyiv’s forces with additional firepower.

According to US Transport Command head Jacqueline Van Ovost, the ongoing invasion of Ukraine has proven the complexity of power projection and the importance of logistics.

“Our support to Ukraine would not be possible without the strong relationships we have with our allies and partners that provided the access, basing, and overflight to facilitate the delivery of aid,” she stated.

In addition to Bradley fighting vehicles, the US will send Stryker armored personnel carriers, missiles, and ammunition to help Ukraine defend its territories.

Since February last year, total US military aid to Kyiv has reached $27.1 billion.

‘A Very Powerful Vehicle’
The US Army’s Bradley infantry vehicle is a full-tracked, medium armored vehicle capable of providing cross-country mobility and protection to mechanized units.

It carries the M242 25-millimeter automatic cannon and a 7.62 coaxial machine gun.

With a top speed of 38 miles (61 kilometers) per hour, the vehicle can accommodate a crew of three and up to seven squad members.

Among the unique features of the Bradley is its independent viewer that allows commanders to scan for targets and maintain situational awareness.

According to US Army transportation commander Rebecca D’Angelo, the vehicles will provide supporting fire for Ukrainian soldiers and serve as transport to support missions from other locations.

“The Bradley is a very powerful vehicle that we are providing to the Ukrainians,” she said. “This is going to hopefully enhance their capabilities to provide forward advancement in the battlefield and regain lost grounds, by having equipment that matches or exceeds what the Russians have.”

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