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Flex Force Unveils New Dronebuster Variant

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American tech firm Flex Force Enterprises has unveiled a new variant of its renowned “Dronebuster” counter-drone system.

The latest innovation, called the Dronebuster Fixed-Site (FS), is designed to provide a layered defense to military installations and other stationary assets.

It reportedly incorporates cutting-edge technologies and “user-centric design” to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Among its key features is its scalable architecture with multiple radiofrequency emitter configurations for optimized performance against sophisticated drone threats.

It is also easy to integrate and minimizes collateral damage when in use.

Innovating the Dronebuster Platform

The Dronebuster is a compact system that interferes with the electronic signals of a hostile drone, causing it to lose contact with its operator.

It can be used by dismounted troops as a stand-alone system or integrated into a broader counter-drone solution.

The weapon can reportedly perform up to three hours of jamming and more than 10 hours of drone detection.

According to Flex Force President Greg Valentin, the company will continue to rapidly innovate the Dronebuster platform to provide a more effective solution to future customers.

“The Dronebuster FS provides lots of capability to adjust the system parameters and is readily integrated onto vehicles, pan-tilts, or user-defined installations,” he said.

The new Dronebuster variant will be officially unveiled at the Eurosatory 2024 in Paris next week.


Abone Ol 

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