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Four European Countries Interested in Latest Leopard 2 Tanks

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Lithuania, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands are interested in the latest Leopard variant, Hartpunkt revealed, citing German state secretary in the ministry of defense, Siemtje Moller.

Berlin wants to sell the platform as part of a framework agreement the German military signed with the manufacturer, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, in May.

105 Tanks Left for Procurement

The agreement calls for the procurement of 123 Leopard 2 A8s, out of which 18 have already been ordered by Germany to replace 14 Leopard 2A6s the country sent to Ukraine.

The number of tanks in the agreement could be increased, as the present number is unlikely to be enough for the countries’ requirements, Hartpunkt added.

“In principle, additional needs of the Bundeswehr or needs of partner nations could be realized through an extension of the framework agreement or a new contract,” the German defense blog quoted Moller as saying.

The Czech government earlier authorized its defense minister to negotiate the procurement of 70 A8s from Germany.

Lithuania Picks Leopard Over Abrams, Panther 

Lithuania has also chosen the tank over the American Abrams and the South Korean Black Panther for its armed forces.

Vilnius wants to buy 50 A8s, according to Hartpunkt, while the requirements of Sweden and the Netherlands are not clear.

Leopard A8

The latest variant is expected to start being fielded by 2025, replacing the 2A7+.

It will feature additional armor protection, including the Trophy active protection system and protection against cluster munitions.

It will retain the 120 mm L55 smoothbore cannon with a possible muntion range extension and an upgraded fire control system.

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