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France proposes $2.9B defense budget hike

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The French Ministry of Armed Forces has proposed a 43.9-billion euro ($42.9 billion) defense budget for fiscal year 2023, marking an increase in defense spending for the sixth year in a row.

The proposed budget sees an increase of three billion euros ($2.9 billion).

“This policy implemented for the sixth consecutive year by the President of the Republic is bearing fruit: it gives France credibility with its allies; it gives our forces superiority in the field thanks to significant investments in our capabilities program; and offers our soldiers better conditions of engagement,” the ministry said.

Procurements, Salary

In its proposal, the ministry allocated 25.6 billion euros ($25 billion) for critical equipment upgrades.

The armed forces are eyeing the addition of 13 Rafale fighters,13 upgraded Mirage M2000 D jets, three Phénix MRTT multi-role tanker aircraft, two A400M Atlas transport aircraft, five NH90 helicopters, five Tiger helicopters, 18 renovated Leclerc battle tanks, one supply vessel, one nuclear attack submarine, one patrol vessel, nine tactical drones, and anti-drone equipment.

Additional purchases will include 264 new armored vehicles, including 123 Griffons, 119 Servals, and 22 Jaguars.

The remainder of the 2023 budget of 12.6 billion euros ($12.3 billion) will go toward salaries.

At least 29,000 new recruitments are planned for next year, of which 24,000 will be military personnel.

The cyber and intelligence department is also expected to produce 1,500 new jobs for the armed forces.

Military Program Law

While the budget is pending the approval of the National Assembly and the Senate, it is likely to get an easy nod following the 2019-2025 military program law adopted by parliamentarians in July 2018.

The law aims to greater equip French armies by 2030 and meet NATO requirements of national defense spending effort of 2 percent of gross domestic product by the end of the program period.

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