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France Trials HELMA-P Laser Weapon From Horizon Destroyer

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The French Navy has conducted a further test of its HELMA-P (High-Energy Laser for Multiple Applications – Power) weapon from the Horizon-class Forbin destroyer.

The trial in the Mediterranean Sea was conducted in cooperation with the country’s defense procurement agency (DGA) and local laser technology firm CILAS.

According to the navy, the test was meant to address increasing drone threats in the maritime environment.

“At sea, aerial drones can be used to monitor, disrupt or attack ships and aircraft,” the service said.

“The Navy is fully involved in the work on the fight against drones carried out with the other armies and the DGA, with a view to acquiring specific means.”

Although the French Navy has not provided specific details regarding the trial, the event opened the door for further prototype development.

It also reportedly brought the HELMA-P program closer to manufacturing and system integration.


France’s HELMA-P is a laser-based system primarily designed to neutralize enemy drones.

It releases high energy at stationary and moving targets, impairing their optical sensors and causing malfunctions.

With the help of state-of-the-art radar, the laser weapon can simultaneously detect and take down multiple drones.

Previous trials showed the HELMA-P destroying 38 out of 38 target drones in just a few seconds within a one-kilometer (0.6-mile) range.

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