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France Warns Israel of Military Action in Lebanon

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France’s Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne delivered a direct message from President Emmanuel Macron, asserting France’s pivotal role in any prospective political solution in Lebanon, according to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Tensions flared during the meeting between Sejourne and Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz, primarily over concerns regarding Lebanon and the hostages in Gaza.

Arab World Press noted France’s failure to provide evidence confirming the delivery of medicines to Israeli hostages in Gaza.

Sejourne issued a warning in response to Katz’s declaration that time is running out for a diplomatic solution in southern Lebanon, with Israel prepared to take military action to repatriate evacuated residents.
He cautioned that France would take military measures in Lebanon to safeguard approximately 20,000 French nationals residing there in the event of conflict with Hezbollah.

Sejourne’s visit to Israel included a series of high-level political meetings.

Katz urged Sejourne to pressure Qatar for evidence that medications reached hostages in Gaza.
In mid-January, France and Qatar were part of a deal to purchase and send medication to Israeli hostages held in Gaza, but Israel has not been able to verify that they reached the captives.

Unnamed sources revealed that the French Foreign Minister reiterated his country’s ongoing endeavors on the matter, stressing that if the medications did not reach the hostages, there would be “grave repercussions,” as per reports from the broadcasting authority.

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