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German defense giant launches production of new fighting vehicle in Hungary

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German defense conglomerate Rheinmetall announced that it has launched low-rate initial production of new Lynx infantry fighting vehicles in Hungary.

According to a press release from Rheinmetall, pre-series production is an important milestone, one which also encompasses the fabrication of the Lance medium-caliber turret as well as additional variants of the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle.

Full-rate production, or FRP, is due to commence in July 2023. Recruitment of qualified personnel and the inflow of technical equipment for the Lynx center of excellence is now in full swing.

The Hungarian ministry of defense contracted with Rheinmetall in September 2020 to supply combat vehicles and related services worth over €2 billion. In the first production phase, Hungary will take delivery of 46 Lynx IFVs and command & control vehicles as well as nine Bergepanzer 3 Büffel armoured recovery vehicles, all made in Germany. In a second phase, a joint venture in Hungary will produce a further 172 Lynx IFVs and combat support vehicles.

The first of these vehicles are to be delivered in 2024. In addition to the armoured fighting vehicles, the scope of supply includes ammunition and logistic services as well as 16 trucks.

A high-tech factory for this innovative fighting vehicle is now under construction in Zalaegerszeg, where it forms part of the ZALAZone industrial complex. It encompasses modern assembly lines, a paint shop, internal logistic systems and an automated warehouse. Other facilities include a powerpack testbed, an EMC chamber, a climate chamber, an underground firing range and a test track. This centre of excellence will not only contribute to maintaining and expanding Hungary’s ability to develop and produce modern fighting vehicles. It also strengthens the country’s economy.

Rheinmetall’s new Hungarian colleagues are already working on the new Lynx in Germany, gaining valuable knowledge and skills that will facilitate the transfer of know-how and technology.

On 15 October 2022 Rheinmetall handed over the first of a total of 209 Lynx vehicles to the Hungarian armed forces. The Lynx will form the backbone of Hungary’s mechanized infantry corps.

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