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Germany Considering 105 Additional Leopard 2 A8 Tanks

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Germany’s Federal Ministry of Defence is planning to order 105 additional Leopard 2 A8 battle tanks from defense firm KNDS.

The purchase, estimated at 2.9-billion euros ($3.1 billion), will be part of an ongoing deal arranged in 2023 for the purchase of 18 2 A8s for the German military brigade in Lithuania.

Logistics, spare parts supply, and repair services for the tanks will be included in the agreement.

Approval of the budget for the purchase has yet to be announced by the German Parliament’s Budget Committee.

The new batch of tanks will be delivered from 2027 to 2030, with around 70 being transferred during the contract’s final two years.

A Modern Battle Tank

The Leopard A28 is regarded as one of the most advanced main battle tanks, utilizing appliqué armor for optimum protection and advanced weapons systems fitted with fire control features and munition range extensions.

The KNDS push for the variant’s further development resulted in an abandoned partnership deal with Leonardo earlier this month, citing configuration and standards disagreements.

Its future operators include the Czech Republic, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

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