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Germany plans to send Ukraine artillery-locating radars

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Germany’s federal government intends to send COBRA artillery-locating radar systems to Ukraine, Die Welt reported this week.

Berlin may hand over COBRA radar systems to Ukraine, which will significantly increase the accuracy of the Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers.

According to the news outlet, Ukraine initially requested the supply of 40 COBRA systems. At the same time, only 3 to 5 systems out of 19 in the Bundeswehr stock can be available for delivery to Ukraine.

COBRA (COunter Battery RAdar) is a high mobility weapon location radar that meets all NATO requirements. The counter-battery radar system was developed jointly by Thales, Airbus Defence and Space and Lockheed Martin for the German Armed Forces, the French Army and the British Army.

Bundeswehr website says the COBRA counter-artillery detection radar is considered the world’s most advanced land based weapon locating system, comprising a high performance radar, advanced processing and an integrated, flexible command, control and communication system. The design includes state-of-the-art digital processing and an advanced active, solid-state phased array antenna comprising several thousand transmit/receive modules.

COBRA is fielded on a single vehicle, and achieves its full performance requirements without levelling or stabilisation jacks thereby exceeding rapid deployment and high mobility requirements. Powerful software algorithms automatically compensate for terrain slopes (COBRA pitch and roll) and calculate each search beam elevation to graze the radar horizon before transmission begins.

The COBRA mission is to locate mortars, rocket launchers and artillery batteries and to provide information for countering their effectiveness. With a detection range up to 100 km COBRA is capable of locating and classifying up to 40 batteries in two minutes. It will also be able to monitor breaches of cease-fire when deployed in a peace-keeping role.

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