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Greece Buys 35 UH-60M Black Hawk From US

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The Government of Greece has officially signed off on its purchase of 35 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from the US.

Approved by the US State Department in 2023, the foreign military sale is estimated to be worth $1.95 billion.

The deal will cover personnel training and training equipment to ensure the helicopters’ smooth integration into the Hellenic Army.

Sikorsky president Paul Lemmo stated that the deal will support Greece’s defense modernization efforts, utilizing the new aircraft in national and allied security missions.

“The multi-role Black Hawk helicopter provides unmatched global interoperability, significantly increasing Greece’s deterrent capability and that of all NATO member countries,” he said.

The estimated date of delivery for the helicopters is yet to be announced.

The UH-60M Black Hawk

The UH-60Ms were built by Lockheed-owned Sikorsky in the 1970s as a utility aircraft with significant performance, survivability, and reliability improvements compared to its counterparts.

The twin-engine, medium lift aircraft is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 159 knots (183 miles/295 kilometers per hour) and a cruising speed of 152 knots (175 miles/282 kilometers per hour).

Its two variants are classified as utility and special purpose, with both divided into more sub-variants that make up a total of 29 different modifications.

Abone Ol 

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