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Greece moves to postpone major arms purchase

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Much promoted Spike-NLOS acquisition from Israel shelved, possibly indefinitely, says local media

Greece has moved to postpone a major arms purchase from Israel, local media reported.

Defense Ministry officials fear that the purchase of Spike NLOS missiles, a particularly desired system for the navy’s fast attack boats and the ground forces’ AH-64 attack helicopters, risk being postponed indefinitely, private broadcaster CNN Greece reported.

The country’s political leadership, however, reiterated that the process for the missile purchase could resume in April when a “misunderstanding” with military leadership is resolved and Athens’ questions to Israel are answered, it added.

If the decision is left to the next government after Greece’s upcoming summer 2023 elections, it might be too late, and Tel Aviv may sell the ready-to-deliver missiles to other willing customers, noted the report.

The government is not happy about the delay caused by military leadership, it concluded.

Greece in recent years signed multiple big-ticket arms agreements, including a deal for drones from Israel, Rafale jets from France, and upgrades to its F-16 fleet from the US.

Athens has also approached Washington for the potential purchase of at least 20 F-35 stealth aircraft.

Amid heightened tensions with Türkiye, Ankara has repeatedly warned Athens against indulging in an arms race, offering instead to resolve all outstanding issues, including in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean, and Cyprus, through dialogue.

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