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HII Debuts REMUS 130 Underwater Drone

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HII subsidiary Mission Technologies has launched its latest autonomous underwater vehicle based on the Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit (REMUS) system.

Serving as the third generation of the REMUS 100 product line, the REMUS 130 is built with a compact design, a 100-meter (328-foot) operational depth, 10 hours of battery life with field charging compatibility, and convenient payload integration.

Like its predecessors, the drone can be deployed for mine countermeasures missions, offshore oil and gas exploration, data collection and research, and search and rescue.

The REMUS 130’s cargo can also accommodate dry, wet, and custom payloads.

‘Latest Generation’ System

HII wrote that the REMUS 130 was developed with internal company funding to fulfill user requirements for a long service life while maintaining the functionality and open architecture of the advanced REMUS 300 and 620 models.

“The REMUS 130 is built on the same proven technology platform as the REMUS 300 and offers customers a highly capable vehicle at reduced cost and risk,” Mission Technologies Unmanned Systems President Duane Fotheringham stated.

“We are excited to introduce this latest generation of the REMUS 100 that will help drive commonality across the fleet and provide our customers with more flexibility to address their mission needs.”

HII’s REMUS systems are operational in over 30 countries, including 14 NATO members.

Recent REMUS Projects

HII signed a contract last year to provide the US Navy with nine small underwater vehicles based on the REMUS 300 variant.

In November 2022, the company’s REMUS 620 drone was leveraged in a torpedo-tube launch and recovery project for the US Navy’s nuclear-attack submarines.

A month earlier, the UK Royal Navy utilized the REMUS platform to complete a series of mine-hunting demonstrations validating the firepower of a River-class offshore patrol vessel in South Korea.

The firm also signed a contract with the British navy in September 2022 for three new REMUS 100 vehicles with enhanced payload and sensor capabilities.

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