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HII Introduces new Remus 620 underwater drone

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Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) has unveiled a new variant of its REMUS medium-class unmanned underwater vehicle.

Dubbed the REMUS 620, the new undersea drone was developed based on the design of the US Navy’s REMUS 300.

It has a maximum range of 275 nautical miles (509 kilometers), and its battery can last up to 110 hours, making the drone suitable for long-range operations.

Additionally, the unmanned vehicle features a modular, open architecture design to facilitate seamless payload integration.

It can be deployed from submarines, small manned or unmanned boats, surface combatants, amphibious ships, and military helicopters.

“Retaining a forward strategic advantage requires the ability to deliver a multitude of effects from under the sea,” said Duane Fotheringham, president of Mission Technologies’ Unmanned Systems business group.

“The REMUS 620 is the first medium [unmanned underwater vehicle] designed to accurately deliver this range of advanced above-and-below water effects at long range.”

Built With Modern Core Electronics

HII’s REMUS 620 reportedly provides unmatched multi-day endurance, range, and stealth.

Its improved battery life enables it to execute a significantly longer route than other medium-class vehicles.

The drone also has modern core electronics, navigation, and communication systems for increased mission success.

“The vehicle’s open architecture can now be enhanced with HII Odyssey, a suite of advanced autonomy solutions for intelligent, robotic platforms. The vehicle includes the new Odyssey Mission Management Software,” HII stated in a press release.

Apart from performing underwater surveillance, the REMUS 620 can be used to launch and operate other unmanned vehicles or payloads from beneath the sea.

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