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IAF: Russia failing to meet arms delivery commitments to India

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Russia cannot meet its arms delivery commitments to India because of its ongoing invasion of Ukraine, according to the Indian Air Force (AIF).

The statement, aired during a parliamentary committee meeting earlier this week, was the first official confirmation from New Delhi of Moscow’s defense export shortfalls.

It confirmed speculation that Russia’s defense industry is experiencing serious problems producing military supplies.

According to an IAF representative, the nation had planned a significant arms delivery this year, but it will not go through for undisclosed reasons.

“They have given us in writing that they are not able to deliver it,” the AIF official said in the report.

The Russian Embassy in New Delhi and Rosoboronexport, Moscow’s weapons export arm, have yet to issue a statement regarding the announcement.

‘Potential Strain’

India has maintained strong ties with Russia since 1947.

It has been heavily dependent on the nation for its military weapons and equipment, even with the advent of the “Make in India” initiative.

In 2017, Moscow reportedly accounted for more than 40 percent ($8.5 billion) of New Delhi’s defense imports at $18.3 billion.

However, the recent failure to honor its arms delivery commitments could strain Russia’s diplomatic relations with India.

India already scrapped a planned procurement of 48 Russian Mi-17 V5 helicopters last year in favor of local production.

The AIF has also halted a proposed upgrade of 85 Su-30MKI multi-role fighter aircraft, fearing that sanctions against Russia might delay the supply of necessary spare parts.

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