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India flight-tests supersonic missile-assisted torpedo system

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Development of system will further enhance strength of navy, says defense minister

India on Wednesday successfully flight-tested supersonic missile-assisted release of torpedo system, according to the Indian Defense Ministry.

The system, which was tested at 8.30 a.m. local time from an island off the coast of Odisha in eastern India, is a next-generation missile-based light-weight torpedo delivery system, designed and developed “to enhance the anti-submarine warfare capability of the Indian Navy far beyond the conventional range of lightweight torpedo.”

“The system carries advanced light-weight torpedo as payload along with parachute-based release system,” the ministry said in the statement.

“The missile was launched from the ground mobile launcher. Several state-of-the-art mechanisms such as symmetric separation, ejection, and velocity control have been validated in this test.”

on the successful test, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said: “The development of the system will further enhance the strength of our Navy.”

India last week conducted a successful test of a new version of a medium-range ballistic missile.

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