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Indian Army conducts ‘Skylight’ satellite communication exercise

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The Indian Army has conducted an exercise to evaluate the operational readiness of the country’s satellite communication systems.

Named Skylight, the drill comes as China ramps up its space, cyberspace, and electronic warfare development.

Top sources from India’s defense sector revealed that the army activated all of its satellite communications assets from Ladakh to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar in the exercise.

Military personnel simulated various technical and operational scenarios, including disruption of terrestrial connectivity in the event of an attack.

According to a Times of India source, Skylight considered India’s northern borders with China as the “primary area of concern” because of its topographical challenges.

The Indian Army currently utilizes Indian Space Research Organisation satellites connecting hundreds of communication terminals, including static, transportable vehicle-mounted, and man-portable terminals.

Narrowing the Gap

China is reportedly “leagues ahead” of other countries in space-based equipment, robotics, autonomous weapon systems, and artificial intelligence development.

Its neighbors have sounded the alarm concerning Beijing’s increased military activities and innovations, including so-called “intelligentized warfare,” through artificial intelligence.

The Indian Army has increased investments in advanced equipment to narrow the gap.

The source explained that troops would need secure satellite phones and high-speed satellite data infrastructure to ensure success in future warfare.

“As complex aerospace technology has begun impacting military operations and communications in particular, it is imperative that technical competence in such fields is built and refined within our armed forces,” he told the Indian news outlet.

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