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Indian Navy to order BrahMos cruise missiles for $2.5 Billion

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The Indian Navy will acquire more than 200 BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles in a $2.5-billion deal, according to a report by The Times of India, citing a defense source.

The information surfaced after the navy successfully demonstrated the accuracy of an extended-range Brahmos missile from stealth destroyer, INS Chennai.

The weapons will reportedly be integrated into all the country’s frontline warships.

The deal would also allow the navy to maintain its missile stocks for any potential conflict.

According to a senior defense official, the proposal to acquire BrahMos missiles is already at an advanced stage and is expected to be approved by the defense ministry soon.


Manufactured by BrahMos Aerospace, the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile employs the fire-and-forget principle, which means it does not take any additional guidance to strike its target.

A solid propellant booster engine allows the weapon to travel at supersonic speed in the first stage, then a liquid ramjet takes the missile close to Mach 3 in the second stage.

Its conventional warhead weighs up to 300 kilograms (661 pounds), enabling improved destructive power.

According to the manufacturer, the BrahMos features shorter flight times, leading to quicker target engagement.

It is also designed with low radar signature and can be integrated into multiple land, sea, and air platforms.

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