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Intel: Russia Used ‘Super Weapon’ Reserved for High-Value Targets in Ukraine

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The Russian military recently fired a so-called “super weapon” on Ukraine amid intensified battle between the two nations, according to a UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) intelligence report.

At least one AS-24 Killjoy ballistic missile was reportedly used on December 14 to target a military airfield in central Ukraine.

It was not clear if the weapon hit its target or if Ukrainian military assets were destroyed during the attack.

The report only indicated that the recent strike was the first recorded use of the hypersonic missile since August 2023.

‘Missing Its Targets’

The AS-24 Killjoy is one of the six “super weapons” Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled in 2018.

Because it is earmarked to play a major role in the country’s future military doctrine, it is being reserved for high-value and well-defended targets.

The air-launched missile can be fitted with a nuclear payload for a more powerful attack.

It allegedly travels faster than the US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) being used by Ukraine.

Despite being dubbed by Moscow as “undefeatable,” the UK MoD claimed that some AS-24 launches were intercepted by Ukrainian air defense systems.

The first ever shoot-down of the Killjoy occurred in May, in what was described as both surprising and embarrassing for Russia.

Other previous attempts have also “likely missed” their intended targets.

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