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Intense military activity continues on Ukraine’s Bakhmut front

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‘We will fight to the end, situation is under our control,’ says Ukrainian soldier

Clashes in the front line between Russian and Ukrainian forces in the country’s eastern Donetsk region continue, as the Moscow-Kyiv war rages on for about 14 months.

A Ukrainian soldier, codenamed Flash, told Anadolu before he got on a tracked vehicle carrying military personnel to enter Bakhmut where he has been at the front line for the past year, every day and night.

“We are now preparing to enter Bakhmut,” Flash said, adding that he first served on the Kharkiv front, but is currently fighting in the Donetsk front.

Noting that he will take part in the clashes in Bakhmut along with his unit to support the army in the area, Flash also said the situation in the city is “severe.”

“We’re going to Bakhmut now. There is heavy fighting going on there. It’s the hottest spot,” another soldier, codenamed Muzikant, told Anadolu, further saying they are ready to do their best to win the war.

Another Ukrainian soldier, codenamed Tiger, also told Anadolu that they will fight “as long as necessary” to achieve victory.

“We will fight to the end. Everything will be fine, the situation is under our control,” Tiger said, while preparing weapons and other equipment before entering the front line.

Russian forces have been trying for months to capture Bakhmut, a transport and logistics hub in Ukraine’s Donetsk, which is part of the largely Russian-speaking industrialized Donbas region.

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