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Israeli army received intel signals night before Hamas incursion

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The Israeli military had received intelligence signals indicating preparations for a probable attack from the blockaded Gaza Strip, the night before the surprise Hamas incursion, army sources confirmed.

The army, however, had no “concrete” information, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari said, responding to criticisms of a likely security lapse.

“We had no concrete intelligence warning about this incident.”

“We were unable to anticipate such an event. While there were some intelligence signals the night before the attacks, they did not point to such a move. We will thoroughly investigate the matter,” he said.

Israeli forces have since targeted the Gaza Strip as part of a massive bombing campaign, targeting civilian homes as well as infrastructure belonging to the Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

Hagari told Anadolu Agency that the Israeli army had been taking precautionary measures in anticipation of a possible attack from the north.

This included deploying soldiers to patrol residential areas in the region, setting up checkpoints, and laying traps in the field, with plans for additional troop reinforcements.

Over 1,300 people on each side have so far been killed since the start of the Israel-Palestine conflict

Source: DailySabah

Abone Ol 

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