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Israeli premier might visit Türkiye in October or November, says Erdogan

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There are opportunities for Türkiye-Israel cooperation in drilling activities, says Turkish president

Preparations are underway for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Türkiye, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, as it might take place in October or November.

“The Turkish Foreign Ministry continues to work on the date of the visit. I think Netanyahu’s visit to Türkiye … will be paid in October or November,” Erdogan told reporters late Monday on the presidential plane returning from a visit to Azerbaijan’s autonomous Nakhchivan exclave.

Netanyahu was also expected to visit Türkiye late July but the trip was postponed after he had an unscheduled surgery.

Erdogan said he will travel to Israel after Netanyahu’s visit to Türkiye.

“As Türkiye and Israel, we cooperate in many areas. It is a fact that there are new areas of cooperation. Especially Europe is in search of sustainable energy sources with the influence of the conjuncture after the Russia-Ukraine war.

“It is known to everyone that Israel is seeking to transport its resources to Europe. The most rational route is to deliver these resources to Europe via Türkiye,” Erdogan added.

The president added there are also opportunities for cooperation in drilling activities.

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