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Israel’s naval electronic warfare countermeasure system passes trials

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Israel’s Elbit Systems has announced the successful sea trials of its fourth-generation DESEAVER Mk-4 electronic warfare (EW) countermeasure system.

The trials were held to evaluate the system’s effectiveness in responding to complex battlefield scenarios, including missile attacks.

During the tests, the DESEAVER launched several decoys from Israeli Navy vessels to prevent enemy missiles from hitting their intended targets.

According to Elbit Systems official Oren Sabag, the trials demonstrated the reliability and advanced protection the EW countermeasure system provides against evolving threats.

“We are proud of our ongoing cooperation with and support of the Israeli Navy,” he said.

Unmatched Perimeter Protection

The DESEAVER Mk-4 is designed to bring to full effect the soft-kill anti-missile defense capabilities that Elbit’s Integrated Electronic Warfare Suite provides.

It utilizes advanced deception and confusion tactics to give unmatched perimeter protection against multiple missile threats from any direction.

The passive and active decoys launched from trainable and stabilized launchers are selected by anti-missile algorithms for precise positioning and timing.

Unlike its predecessors, DESEAVER Mk-4 can launch more advanced decoys and is more compatible with other EW systems.

“Today’s seafaring vessels face a wide range of advanced threats that require rapid, sophisticated, and continuously updated responses within moments of detection,” the company stated.

“Building on decades of successful experience, the 4th Generation DESEAVER provides remarkable flexibility and 360-degree defense coverage, significantly increasing the high level of surface vessels’ survival.”

Abone Ol 

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Abone Ol 
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