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Italian Navy buys 36 Iveco Amphibious Armored vehicles

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The Italian Navy has awarded Iveco Defence Vehicles a contract to deliver 36 amphibious armored vehicles.

The vehicles, which will be in the personnel carrier configuration, will reinforce the country’s San Marco Marina Brigade.

They will also play a crucial part in Italy’s efforts to bolster the navy’s operational readiness and Sea Projection National Capability.

The contract was signed between Iveco Defence Vehicles and the Italian Ministry of Defense’s Directorate of Land Armaments.


Iveco Defence Vehicles’ amphibious armored vehicle is an 8×8 all-terrain platform that can be launched and recovered from an amphibious vessel in the open ocean.

It is based on the SUPERAV 8×8, an amphibious platform used by the US Marine Corps for its Amphibious Combat Vehicles.

The vehicle provides high mobility and high-level ballistic protection to dismounted soldiers at sea.

It also offers enhanced anti-mine capabilities and anti-improvised explosive device protection.

With a 700HP FPT Cursor 16 engine, the amphibious vehicle has a maximum speed of 105 kilometers (65 miles) per hour on land and six knots (11 kilometers/7 miles per hour) in the water.

It also has a Leonardo HITROLE light remote turret with a 12.7-millimeter caliber weapon.

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