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Italy OKs Third Next-Gen Submarine Production

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The Italian parliament has authorized Fincantieri to begin production of the country’s third U212 Near Future Submarine (NFS).

The approval comes after months of administrative procedures, including a critical design review conducted in February.

The Italian shipbuilding firm says it will build the third submarine alongside the first two underwater vessels contracted in 2021.

However, it did not disclose the production timeline for the new U212 NFS.

Fincantieri only revealed that the first two submarines will be delivered in 2027 and 2029, with a steel cutting ceremony for the second boat happening later this month.

“The prosecution of the program acknowledges Fincantieri’s technological and managerial leadership, in full continuity with the pillars set out in our business plan,” company chief executive Pierroberto Folgiero said.

Incorporating More Technology

The U212 NFS will be designed to provide the Italian Navy with improved underwater spatial surveillance and control capabilities.

Fincantieri disclosed that the new submarine will incorporate recent technology from the Italian defense industry, which includes Leonardo’s combat management system.

In addition, the two defense firms will collaborate on a new simulation and training laboratory to be built at the Italian Navy’s Submarine Center in southern Italy.

All U212 NFS will have long-range deep strike capability thanks to Leonardo’s Black Shark advanced heavyweight torpedoes and several cruise missiles.

Once operational, the submarines will be used to safeguard maritime infrastructure, defend external borders, and fight terrorism.

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