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Italy prepares decision on radars and air defense systems transfer to Ukraine

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Italy has plans to transfer to Ukraine the modern SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile systems together with France.

This was reported by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, which was citing its own sources.

SAMP-T may enter into the sixth package of military assistance to Ukraine, which the Italian government must approve in mid-November.

The media, however, notes that intentions to transfer such weapons to Ukraine may face political conflicts.

If, nevertheless, the decision to supply SAMP-T is made, then Italy will transfer radars and France will transfer launchers.

Currently, there are very few such systems — 10 are in service in France and another 5 in Italy.

In addition, Italy can transfer to Ukraine its Spada/Aspide ground-based anti-aircraft missile systems, which have been decommissioned, but are still capable of shooting down aircraft and drones.

Recall that recently Volodymyr Zelensky called on Italy and France to provide the SAMP-T system as soon as possible.

“Because we want our people to come home from abroad so their children can go to school, university and things like that. But without security, without air defense, we cannot provide this. Very few countries produce air defense systems that they not only have, but also produce. Italy, together with France and Germany, produces the SAMP-T system. And we need them,” the president said.


The SAMP-T SAM is designed to provide air protection for mechanized units, as well as air cover for important stationary facilities from a massive attack by a wide range of air targets.

The SAMP/T system includes:

  • Thompson-CSF ARABEL multifunctional radar;
  • FCU (Fire Control Unit), which hosts the control systems that processes all information about the air situation in real-time, along with display system consoles;
  • Aster-30 missiles;
  • Astra/Iveco or Renault-TRM-10000 (wheel formula 8×8) TEL with launching modules for 8 combat-ready missiles in transport containers. 

    The Aster-30 anti-aircraft missile has a launch weight of 510kg and, in particular, a warhead weight of 20kg, and a maximum flight speed of up to 1400m/s. These characteristics allow the SAMP/T system to destroy enemy aircraft at a range of 3km to 100km and ballistic missiles at a range of 3km to 25km, the altitude of up to 25 km. All 8 Aster-30 missiles can be fired in one salvo in just 10 seconds.


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