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Italy prepares new aid package for Ukraine including SAMP/T air defense missile system

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The Italian government is preparing a new military aid program for Ukraine that will include a medium-range air defense system, SAMP/T, as reported by La Repubblica on May 2nd,2024.

The Italian newspaper indicated that the air defense system Italy plans to deliver has been deployed in Slovakia. In March, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico stated that Rome had decided to withdraw the system from his country, without clarifying the reasons.

The military aid program would also include portable American-made Stinger air defense systems, wrote La Repubblica.

The newspaper reported that the package is expected to be presented at the upcoming G7 summit in Italy, which begins on June 13.

Italy has only five SAMP/T batteries. Last year, it provided a system to Ukraine in cooperation with France. The system was destroyed, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The air defense system, developed by the French company Eurosam, is equipped with radar-guided Aster-30 interceptors originally developed for military ships with a range of up to 120 kilometers. The system uses the multifunction ARABEL fire control radar from THALES, with a range of 100 kilometers.

The system can counter a variety of aerial threats, including manned and unmanned aircraft, and would be particularly effective against cruise missiles.

Kiev has been requesting more air defense for months to bolster Ukrainian air defenses in response to the increase in Russian drone and missile attacks. Last month, Germany announced that it would provide Ukraine with another long-range American-made MIM-104 Patriot system.

This delivery meets a serious need for Ukraine in terms of air defense, as closing airspace removes the air component of Russian combat actions and makes large-scale combat very complex and leaves armored and vehicles vulnerable as they are not only visible but fragile by design to aerial attacks.

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