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L3Harris to Enhance F/A-18’s Electronic Warfare Capabilities

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The US Navy has selected L3Harris Technologies to develop an F/A-18 next-generation electronic warfare (EW) system.

L3Harris is one of two companies selected for the $80 million prototype development contract with follow-on development and production contracts expected in 2026.

“L3Harris is developing the advanced EW system to drive mission success and ensure naval aviators are protected for years to come,” L3Harris President of Space and Airborne Systems Ed Zoiss said.

“This award builds upon decades of delivering EW systems to the Navy, and we are excited that our technology is protecting pilots in dangerous situations while allowing them to dominate potential adversaries.”

Next-Gen Electronic Warfare System

Featuring an integrated electronic support measure and electronic attack system, the system will provide threat detection across all “relevant” radio frequency bands, the company explained.

Its modular open system architecture will allow easy integration of new systems and upgraded technologies.

To Rival the Growler

L3Harris is already providing an advanced self-protection jammer system, the ALQ-214A (V) 4/5, for the aircraft under a $104-million contract.

The latest contract will add electronic attack capabilities to the Boeing aircraft, making it a rival to the navy’s dedicated EW aircraft EA-18G Growler.

Abone Ol 

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