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Leidos, Microsoft deliver synchronized warfighting technologies

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Engineering firm Leidos has collaborated with Microsoft in delivering synchronized warfighting technologies, advancing the defense department’s Joint-All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) initiative.

The companies showcased the pairing of Leidos’ Edge to Cloud (E2C) technology with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud infrastructure to link disparate conventional and new systems.

The joint solution allows for enhanced rapid fielding capabilities of advanced software, applications, and security solutions amid challenging missions and operational environments.

“The recent demonstration at Project Convergence 22 proves that the JADC2 vision is attainable through collaboration with leading defense and commercial partners,” Leidos’ Defense Group President Gerry Fasano said.

“Together, Microsoft and Leidos can deploy resilient, state-of-the-art solutions quickly and safely to warfighters across the Department of Defense.”

In a statement, the firms affirmed their continued collaboration to accelerate multi-domain operations through expanded warfighting capabilities on both strategic and tactical levels.

“By partnering with Leidos, we are demonstrating how commercial capabilities in a classified cloud can enable improved situational awareness and decision dominance for the DoD through global connectivity, data aggregation and advanced analytics that support decision making,” Microsoft’s Rick Wagner said.

‘Advancing Joint Force C2’

The DoD developed the JADC2 strategy as a coherent approach to modernizing joint force command and control capabilities.

“As an approach, JADC2 transcends any single capability, platform, or system; it provides an opportunity to accelerate the implementation of needed technological advancement and doctrinal change in the way the Joint Force conducts C2,” the department said.

JADC2 aims to enhance the US military’s warfighting capabilities to “sense, make sense, and act at all levels and phases of war” across all domains.

The DoD said JADC2 intends to optimize the availability and use of multi-domain information to ensure faster information operations and decision cycles relative to adversary abilities.

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