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Leonardo Completes SAMP/T NG Air Defense System Radar Acceptance Test

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Leonardo has completed its new radar’s factory acceptance test, paving the way for its integration with the SAMP/T NG air defense system for Italy.

The tests assessed the Kronos Grand Mobile High Power radar’s features and performances, such as range coverage, identification friend or foe modes, electronic counter-countermeasure resilience, and air-breathing threats – tactical ballistic missile dual mode.

Radar Features

The radar “exploits the horizontal and vertical beam steering capability of its active electronically scanned array antenna to optimize detection, tracking, threat classification and missile guidance against multiple targets,” the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation explained.

“Combined antenna management and signal processing provide for high probability detection and tracking precision even in heavy clutter.

The capability to irradiate a higher power guaranteed by the employment of new high-efficiency GaN (Gallium Nitride) components in the antenna TRMs (Transmit and Receive Modules) allow a defense range over 250 kilometers (155 miles).”

The radar’s production contract includes its integration with the Eurosam SAMP/T NG, which is expected to be delivered in early 2026.


The NG (New Generation) is an upgrade on the Franco-Italian SAMP/T system, which has been in service since 2001.

An NG battery comprises up to six launchers carrying eight Aster missiles each, a radar, and one engagement module.

The radar is capable of detecting supersonic ballistic missile threats.

The system is designed to detect and intercept air-breathing targets over 350 kilometers (217 miles) away and maneuver ballistic missiles from a distance of over 600 kilometers (373 miles).

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