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Liteye Systems unveils Man-Portable Counter-Drone System

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Liteye Systems Inc. has launched its new, man-portable counter-drone system, the Multi-Domain Explorer (MDX).

The full system is equipped with a radio frequency surveillance and detection system, a laser target designation capability, target acquisition, and directional/omnidirectional electronic attack.

The MDX uses multi-domain sensor technology that combines 3D radar, high-definition electro-optical and infrared sensors, and middle wavelength infrared to operate under many environmental conditions.

The counter-drone system enjoys an advantage in counter and offensive operations with its GPS-denied environmental frequency.

It has direct applications in force protection, aerial and maritime operations, border security, base defense, and other inside and outside-the-wire assignments.

Operational in Five Minutes
Operators can deploy the system and begin operations five minutes after the equipment is set up.

For rapid dismounted configuration, the entire MDX components can be packed in two man-portable containers or backpacks. For its vehicle-mounted configuration, the system is made with a rapid-response vehicle integrated solution for on-the-move missions.

The package has a lightweight, tactical size for portability during target tracking missions. It is controlled remotely via ethernet, fiber, or wireless communication and requires only a single operator for control.

“The MDX has multiple variations as a modular small-form-factor,” Liteye Business Development Vice President Ryan Hurt said.

“The system is uniquely configurable for an integrated solution, for rapid, agile on-the-move capability for the warfighter,” he added.

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