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Lithuania receives 200 JLTV armored vehicles

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Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas announced that its country is receiving the last 200 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles bought in 2019.

He added that starting in 2024, the Lithuanian Defense Forces will begin receiving additional 300 JLTV armored vehicles under an agreement signed with the United States last year.

“From next year, we will begin to receive 300 additional JLTVs by the agreement made with the USA in 2022,” Anušauskas said.

The JLTV was developed by the U.S. Marine Corps and the Army to replace the Marines’ aging fleet of Humvees.

The vehicle includes variants with multiple mission package configurations, including packages for personnel, heavy guns and close combat weapons.

The first contract for JLTVs was awarded in 2015 and the first orders were placed in 2016.

In addition to outfitting the United States with JLTVs, the manufacturer has received orders for the vehicles from overseas allies and partners including, Britain, Belgium, Montenegro, Slovenia, Lithuania, Brazil, and North Macedonia.

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