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Major defense event started at SAHA Expo Istanbul

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Event hosts hundreds of domestic and foreign firms which introduce cutting-edge technologies in defense field

Organized by Istanbul Defense and Aerospace Cluster Association (SAHA), a major Turkish defense event SAHA Expo began in Istanbul on Tuesday.

Organizing in Istanbul Expo Center, the event is exhibiting cutting edge defense products from Türkiye and foreign countries.

The event also hosts top officials from governments and armies from dozens of countries.

Ilhami Keles, the general secretary of SAHA, said the event is an international arena for Türkiye’s brand value, as well as cutting-edge and innovative technologies.

The event hosts foreign visitors from 57 countries, including a prime minister, 11 ministers, chiefs of defense, force commanders, deputy ministers and counsellors, Keles said.

Hundreds of foreign and domestic firms joined the event, he said, and noted that it will host product launchings from Türkiye and foreign countries.

Keles also said the fair is a kind of international marketplace for foreign and domestic firms, and contributes to Türkiye’s brand value and economy.

There will be also nine international panels at the event, he added.

Murat Ikinci, the head of Turkish missile producer Roketsan, said the event is showcasing the Turkish defense industry’s ecosystem and capabilities.

The event will host international agreements, he stressed.

He also said Roketsan and STM, another Turkish defense firm, will introduce a new product at the event later.

Ozgur Guleryuz, the head of STM, said there are many delegations at the event, which offers opportunities for new businesses.

“I think that we have created a good environment for all companies in Türkiye that can serve in the field of defense and aerospace to work together and to evaluate their business potential abroad,” he added.

The event was joint by several defense and aerospace companies, as well as start-ups, such as Turkish defense giants Aselsan, Havelsan, Baykar, domestic engine producer Erin Motor, hydraulic machinery firm Hidroan, antenna producer Neta, battery provider Birikim, and software producer Bites.

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