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Nammo, Raytheon ramps up rocket motor production

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Nammo, a Norway-based aerospace and defense company, has entered into a partnership with Raytheon, an RTX business, to expand its rocket motor production capabilities in Perry, Florida.

The agreement aims to introduce new manufacturing lines, significantly increasing the production of critical solid rocket motors in the United States. This expansion will provide a reliable and independent domestic source for these components, essential for current and future weapon systems.

The expansion, scheduled to be operational by 2027, underscores the strategic collaboration between Nammo and Raytheon, strengthening the solid rocket motor industrial base to meet the growing needs of the U.S. Department of Defense and allied nations. Nammo’s established expertise in solid rocket motor propulsion, dating back to the 1960s, positions the company as a key player in this field. Over the years, Nammo has produced rocket motors for several weapon systems, delivering over 35,000 units for the Sidewinder program alone.

“We are proud to build upon our established solid rocket motor capabilities in Norway for expansion into the U.S., with the strong commitment from Raytheon as a merchant supplier. This collaboration is a testament to our long-standing and trusted relationship. It underscores our joint dedication to strengthening the solid rocket motor industrial base to support growing U.S. and allied needs, with Nammo as an independent rocket motor supplier to missile primes. We look forward to building on this at our site in Perry, Florida,” said Morten Brandtzaeg, President and CEO of Nammo.

Nammo’s Perry, Florida facility currently provides energetic systems for the U.S. Department of Defense. The Nammo group has seven production sites across the United States, employing about one-third of its total workforce in the country. This expansion will enhance Nammo’s ability to support the increasing demand for advanced weapon systems.

“This project brings critical capacity and capability in solid rocket motor manufacturing to the U.S. industrial base and positions Raytheon to secure the energetic and propulsion material required to increase and accelerate manufacturing of our weapon systems,” said Phil Jasper, president, Raytheon. “We are building on our long-standing relationship with Nammo and are eager to see Nammo’s U.S. operations develop to ensure we can meet the current and future demand of our domestic and international customers.”

Nammo, headquartered in Raufoss, Norway, specializes in ammunition, rocket motors, and space applications. It operates in 11 countries and is jointly owned by the Norwegian government and the Finnish defense company Patria. Some of its well-known products include the AMRAAM, ESSM, IRIS-T, and Exocet missiles, as well as the North Star orbital launch vehicle.

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