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NASA loses contact with new satellite sent to study moon

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NASA has lost its connection with a new satellite that the space agency sent to the moon for further studies.

NASA spokesperson Sarah Frazier announced that there was a communication problem with the microwave oven-sized spacecraft CAPSTONE, which successfully left the Earth’s orbit on Tuesday.

Stating that they are working to solve the problem and reestablish contact, Frazier stated that CAPSTONE has enough fuel to settle in the right orbit.

It is not known when the connection with CAPSTONE, which is stated to be about 25 kilograms (55 pounds), was broken, but it is estimated that the problem occurred after leaving the Earth’s orbit.

It was envisaged that the satellite in the “CubeSat” category would send the data it would collect to NASA and provide the necessary preliminary information for humanity to land on the Moon again.

CAPSTONE was estimated to arrive at the Moon on Nov. 13 and was scheduled to orbit the Moon for at least six months to collect data.

The rocket was launched from Rocket Laboratory Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand’s Mahia Peninsula on June 28.

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