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National utility chopper takes flight with 1st Türkiye-built engine

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Developed within the scope of the contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), the T625 Gökbey Helicopter on Saturday successfully completed its first test flight with the Türkiye-developed TS1400 Turboshaft Engine produced by TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI).

Testing and certification activities of the T625 Gökbey Utility Helicopter, which is an indigenous project of TUSAŞ, have continued successfully.

The helicopter, whose mass production continues and three of which will be delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command in 2023, is set to be able to perform transport, cargo, air ambulance, search and rescue, and offshore transport duties thanks to its wide range of mission capabilities.

Ismail Demir, head of the Presidency of Defense Industries, called the successful test of the first domestic and national helicopter engine and the first indigenous helicopter, a milestone.

“An important milestone in the Turkish defense industry. A holiday gift to our beloved nation. Our first domestic and national helicopter engine, TS1400, (made) our first original helicopter Gökbey (fly) in the test flight. Congratulations to our engineers,” Demir said in a tweet.

For domestic and foreign users, the Gökbey Utility Helicopter will be able to perform its duties effectively with the National TS1400 Turboshaft Engines, even in the most challenging climates and geographies, in high altitude and temperature, day and night conditions.

With a total takeoff weight of 6 tons, a passenger capacity of 12, a maximum speed of 306 kph (190 mph), a service ceiling of 20,000 feet (6,000 meters), and airtime of over 3.8 hours, Gökbey can stay in the air for about five hours with its external fuel tank and reach a maximum range of 948 kilometers (589.08 miles).

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