NATO Discards 722 Phased-Out Italian Armored Personnel Carriers - M5 Dergi
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NATO Discards 722 Phased-Out Italian Armored Personnel Carriers

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The NATO Support and Procurement Agency has completed the demilitarization, dismantling, and disposal (D3) of 722 decommissioned M113 armored personnel carriers from the Italian Army.

The agency identified, removed, and treated hazardous materials in compliance with health and safety standards and necessary environmental protection practices.

In addition, recovered ferrous and non-ferrous metals found in 90 percent of the vehicles were recycled without losing quality and contributed to Italy’s circular and environmental protection.

The process generated more than 3 million euros ($2.9 million) of net revenue for Italy and saved 41,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to NATO.

NATO D3 Support Partnership

D3 Support Partnership addresses phased-out units of NATO allies and partners to reduce “military carbon footprint by saving primary resources, energy, and CO2 and decreasing the raw materials and fossil fuels dependency.”

“We believe in a significant future D3 demand with the advent of new weapon systems, more restrictive waste regulations and a growing sensitivity for environmental protection,” NATO said.

“We have successfully demonstrated multiple multinational D3 solutions for many complex projects.”

“Consolidation, regulatory compliance, the cost-effective use of existing industrial capabilities and generating value are our main drivers for the development of tailored solutions.”

In 2020, NATO awarded Montalbetti a D3 contract to process 500 M113 armored personnel carriers from the Italian Armed Forces, which were disposed of by March the next year.

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