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NATO exercises were held in Poland with the participation of the UK

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Approximately 100 soldiers from Britain’s 7th Air Defense Group posted at Ustka and Amari air bases participated in NATO’s Ramstein Legacy 22 exercise in Poland last week.

Commander Col. Graham Taylor said that the major air defense exercise was held to improve procedural, technical, and human integration in real-world scenarios among NATO partners.

British combat units that participated in the drill included the 12th Regiment Artillery, 16th Regiment Royal Artillery, and the 106th (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery.

The 12th and 16th regiments specialize in the Stormer and Sky Sabre missile defense systems, while Yeomanry serves as the British Army’s sole anti-warfare regiment.

“Ramstein Legacy is really important. It’s a build-up of NATO exercises that have been taking place over the past 5-6 years. It is an opportunity for all the NATO air defense countries to get together and to exercise integrated Air and Missile Defence,” Taylor said.

The commander explained that the drill was planned two years ago and was not intended as a countermeasure to the Russia-Ukraine war.

NATO’s Ramstein Legacy

The event involved Surface Based Air and Missile Defense units and personnel from 17 participating countries. Participants operated from bases in Poland and the Baltics while supported by aircraft from bases across Europe.

The Ramstein Legacy benefits the entirety of NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense (AIMD).

The exercise included live fire, the Baltic Region’s NATO Command and Control, IAMD defensive operations’ 5th Generation air assets incorporation, Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses’ interoperability practice, and NATO/National force deployment.

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