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Netherlands buys 41 GRF Light tactical vehicles from Defenture

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The Netherlands Ministry of Defence has contracted local firm Defenture to manufacture and deliver 41 GRF light tactical vehicles for the Dutch Army.

The acquisition will temporarily fill the gap in the army’s tactical vehicle inventory following the cancellation of the purchase of 515 12kN Air Assault vehicles from Mercedes-Benz last year.

According to Defenture, the GRF light tactical vehicle was developed in close cooperation with operators and industry partners to ensure that it meets military requirements.

“For years, Defenture has invested in the creation of a new benchmark in the light tactical market segment. Our vehicles are contributing more and more to global security and freedom,” company executive Henk van der Scheer said in a press release.

Initial deliveries are expected in autumn 2023.

The contract also allows the Dutch defense ministry to acquire additional tactical vehicles in the future.

Increased Troop Protection

Defenture’s GRF light tactical vehicle is a military off-the-shelf platform, making it configurable for various missions.

With a weight of five tons, the vehicle provides integrated and modular ballistic protection for dismounted soldiers.

It is designed to fit in a Chinook helicopter to support military operations at extended ranges.

The Netherlands’ 41 GRF vehicles will be operated by its Airborne Mobile Brigade.

“With the platforms, we guarantee that the troops that protect us carry out their missions in safety and can return from the most extreme circumstances. That’s our mission with which we make the impossible possible day by day,” Van der Scheer explained.

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