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Netherlands to provide $224M to Bolster Ukrainian air defence

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The Netherlands has announced a donation of 210 million euros ($224 million) to bolster Ukraine’s air defense against Russian attacks.

A total of 150 million euros ($160 million) will be invested in a German-led air defense initiative, while the rest will be used to purchase short-range air defense equipment to combat drones.

“Air defense equipment and artillery ammunition are desperately needed in Ukraine. The situation threatens to become critical,” Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said during a NATO-Ukraine Council meeting.

“The resources to which the Netherlands is now contributing are already on the European continent and will go to Ukraine as quickly as possible. We must now all do everything we can to support Ukraine.”

Germany-Led Air Defense Initiative

The German initiative, known as Immediate Action on Air Defence, seeks to source long-range air defense systems such as the Patriot from both NATO and non-NATO countries.

Additional air defense systems being sought for the initiative include the SAMP/T, NASAMS, HAWK, IRIS-T, and S-300.

“We know that many countries have Patriot [anti-missile] systems but maybe do not want to deliver directly,” Financial Times quoted the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as saying.

“We can buy from them and we can deliver to Ukraine. We have the money available. It’s crucial.”

German Contribution

The initiative was announced as Ukraine struggles to fend off increasing Russian attacks against civilian and energy infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Germany announced an additional third Patriot for Ukraine earlier this month, while an additional fourth IRIS-T SLM medium-range air defense system is set to arrive in Ukraine in weeks.

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