Netherlands to purchase DITA howitzers for Ukraine - M5 Dergi
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Netherlands to purchase DITA howitzers for Ukraine

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The Netherlands has announced a procurement agreement with the Czech Republic to supply advanced self-propelled artillery systems, known as DITA, to Ukraine.

The Militarnyi has reported that the Dutch Ministry of Defense has recently ordered nine DITA wheeled self-propelled howitzers for Ukraine.

The DITA self-propelled howitzer represents a cutting-edge fire support system capable of engaging targets at distances of tens of kilometers. This acquisition is part of a larger Dutch order for Ukraine, fulfilled by two manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Manufactured by Excalibur Army, the DITA features a 155mm L45 gun with a firing range of up to 39 kilometers using NATO HE base bleed standard ammunition. The turret can accommodate 40 rounds of ammunition, enhancing operational endurance on the battlefield.

One of the notable features of the DITA is its modular design, allowing for installation on various wheeled or tracked chassis with partial modifications. This flexibility enhances adaptability to different operational environments.

The self-propelled artillery system boasts a high rate of fire, requiring only a minimal crew of two members: the driver and the commander. Equipped with a modern Onboard Control System, the DITA ensures rapid deployment and withdrawal from firing positions, along with superior accuracy and terrain maneuverability.

Furthermore, the DITA incorporates advanced features such as Automatic Setting of Action Position (A.S.A.P.), ammunition management, and an inertial navigation system. These capabilities significantly enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness, enabling swift execution of tasks on the battlefield.

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