Nigerian Army to Receive More Tactical Vehicles for Counter-Terrorism Ops - M5 Dergi
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Nigerian Army to Receive More Tactical Vehicles for Counter-Terrorism Ops

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The Nigerian Army will soon receive an additional fleet of tactical armored vehicles to boost its capability in combating various security challenges.

The vehicles, a reverse-engineered version of China’s Dong Feng CSK-131 Mengshi armored vehicle, will be supplied by one of Abuja’s top defense firms, Equipment and Protective Applications International Limited (EPAIL).

They will feature a remotely-operated weapons system to provide maximum safety to soldiers during shooting.

Nigeria has experienced serious security challenges, such as the Boko Haram insurgency and farmer-herder clashes.

Last month, 20 of the units were delivered to the army for use in counter-terrorism efforts.

The vehicles are expected to support combat reconnaissance missions and provide fire support guidance for artillery units.

Light-Protected Vehicle

The original Dong Feng is a light-protected armored vehicle that boasts onboard computer systems with digital map software and Beidou satellite communication and positioning systems.

It also has two night-vision cameras for the driver and the rear door for enhanced ability to spot enemies in low-light environments.

The vehicle can carry a payload not exceeding 1,400 kilograms (3,086 pounds) and tow other vehicles within the 2,000-kilogram (4,409-pound) weight class.

Its Armored Reconnaissance variant is equipped with a 12.7-millimeter machine gun and a 35-millimeter automatic grenade launcher mounted on a remote weapons station.

It is unclear if these payloads are also included in the Nigerian Dong Feng version.

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