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North Macedonia buys 18 Turkish-made howitzers

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North Macedonia, which became NATO’s latest member, ordered three batteries with a total of 18 “Boran” howitzers from Türkiye, according to local media.

Local reports said the move comes as part of the North Macedonian Army rearming its artillery divisions.

“The army of North Macedonia is undergoing a major modernization drive. Through American and German military assistance, it is re-arming itself with new combat systems from technology, largely a legacy of the Cold War acquired from Ukraine in 2001. In the artillery, it will be ‘Boran’ howitzers, for the infantry they will acquire American combat vehicles ‘Stryker’ and ‘JLTV,’ for air defense the French missile system ‘Mistral 3,'” said the reports.

The first battery of six Boran howitzers will arrive in two years, while the remaining two batteries will be delivered in the period from 2029 to 2031.

North Macedonia currently has one light infantry battalion with reinforcements, including a battery of outdated M2A1 howitzers for some tasks within NATO and international missions.

The Turkish Boran howitzer’s range is 17 kilometers (10.56 miles) and the firing rate is up to six missiles per minute.

North Macedonia, the youngest member of NATO, became part of the alliance in March 2020, after Greece blocked it for years due to its former name, Macedonia.

Abone Ol 

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